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Need to get hold of Aria? This is the place to do so. You can contact Aria by:
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[OOC] HMD post (at last!)

Anon commenting on // IP screening off


OOC: Permissions/contact post

To cover the few bits needed:

Backthreading: Will probably be necessary given that I'm not sure how many other people here are GMT.
Fourthwalling: Could make for some interesting situations, should there be anyone who would recognise her (or know of her book counterpart) but please ask first.

In terms of anything else (powers, social interactions etc) I'm open to most things, but would ask that anything that would have a significant effect on Aria be run by me first (by significant I mean telepathy/mind control, or in the unlikely event she ends up in a fight with someone). Basically, I'm open to all ideas so long as I know what's going on.

Questions? Plot suggestions? Throw them up here and we'll chat things out.

[Video] #8

[Aria's sat in her room, looking incredibly freaked out. In her lap there's a note and her phone isn't far from her side. She tries to keep a steady voice in her video but she's clearly struggling]

Okay so, um, I really don't know how to start this...it's not something I've ever figured I'd need to do. But I'm really freaking out and I can't get hold of anybody so, um...

I'm pretty sure I'm gonna die today. I don't know how or when, exactly, but I've had at least three messages from A all saying pretty much the same thing. That I'm going to end up just like Ali. And I wouldn't put it past them, not after what they did to Hanna...

Anyway, I'm going to head over to Ezra's in a bit, while I still can. But I just wanted to come here one last time and say thank you to everyone for being my friends and for being somewhere I can come when everything gets insane. I wish I could have met more of you and I'm glad I at least got to meet in person those of you I have.

[And here her calm starts to fall apart]

Goodbye, community.

[Text] #7

It's over. Noel can't cause trouble for us anymore. I'm not sure I get why exactly A did what they did, but...for once I can't say I mind them getting involved.
So, um, I don't even know where to begin. Today...today, everything changes. Turns out Noel's been trying to pressure Ezra into changing his grades, threatening to tell on us if he doesn't do it. Guess I should have known better than to trust that when he said he wouldn't tell anyone about us, that included not mentioning anything to Ezra.

Anyway, Ezra...Ezra's decided that the best way to stop Noel destroying what we have is for him to resign and leave Rosewood. He's meeting with the principal today. After that...I don't know. And I know we have to do something - apparently Noel decided to tell my brother that Ezra's been seeing "a student", so who knows how long it'll be until he backs out on his word altogether. But if Ezra leaves...it was hard enough not having him around when we weren't together. Now? I don't know what I'll do.

I guess we don't really have a choice. I just wish it didn't have to come to this.

[Text] #5

So, um. It's been a bit of a hectic week and I kinda lost track of this place. But now I come back and everything seems really...off. Is this some new virus I've just missed this time?

Whatever it is, it's kinda creeping me out.

[OOC] Timeline

Because Aria's following canon's calendar, not the comm calendar, and because her mun has finally stopped being too lazy to map it out.

Note: The below is how I'm mapping the episodes based on how quickly I want her to move through canon and on trying to keep at least some form of mapping to the community months even though there'll be the odd day or two out.

Episode list & calendar point for DDD || Subject to changeCollapse )

[Text] #4

Well, thanks in part to the community and the people within, everything seems to be settling down. Hanna will be home soon. Noel's promised he won't tell anyone about me and Ezra (after I managed to convince him that it wasn't me being taken advantage of). And Ezra knows someone knows about us although not that the "someone" is Noel". Now all we need to worry about is keeping an eye on Noel and making sure he doesn't do anything else...anything worse.

Saw Mom too the other day. I sorta forgot to mention it with everything else going on but...we cleared the air. So that's good.

[end of the canon move which brings Aria to the end of 1.11. Strike-out is typed then deleted.]

[Text] #3

Hanna's been hit by a car, almost definitely on purpose. We're at the hospital now but no-one's told us anything yet. I don't even care if we can't see her tonight, I just need to know she's okay.

[start of the canon move that will cover 1.10-1.11, after which her timeline can calm down again somewhat. Replies will come ICly some hours later]